About Codie-Lee

Codie-Lee is a diligent and solutions-focused professional with who has been working in finance for four years.

After starting her career in conveyancing, Codie-Lee eventually moved into mortgages and is really enjoying working with the experienced MoneyQuest team.

Codie-Lee’s biggest strength is her attention to detail, and she takes great pleasure in helping people achieve their finance goals, whether it be assisting with refinancing, buying property or maximising savings.

With a Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management, and experience working in mortgage discharges and variations, Codie-Lee has the knowledge to provide exceptional service when assisting clients with their lending journey.

In her spare time, Codie-Lee enjoys baking, listening to live music, spending time with family, going on cruises and putting her skills to the test in escape rooms!

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