Paul Wright - Finance Specialist

Paul Wright

Your finance specialist.

Being one of the most disciplined and hard-working brokers at MoneyQuest, Paul uses his loyalty to both the brand and his clients to drive a very successful mortgage broking business in the Wollongong area.

Before joining MoneyQuest, Paul was an experienced broker and banker, and uses this expansive industry knowledge to both his, and his client’s advantage. Strongly believing that nothing can be achieved without hard work and perseverance, Paul applies this to not only his work life, but personal life as well and is an avid runner.

Crediting the advice he gets to provide to his clients as the most enjoyable part of being a broker, Paul makes finance simple for everyone by educating them on all of the various options available using visual aids.

Moving to MoneyQuest because of its people and culture, Paul has found he quickly learnt how critical a brand can be for his business growth and development, and finds the most unique thing about MoneyQuest is the ability of the network to collaborate together in a way which benefits all.

Paul’s idea of the perfect weekend is away with friends, enjoying their company & possibly partaking in a game of golf or barefoot bowls, visiting wineries, a brewery / pub & enjoying nice meals together.

02 4229 5459

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