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About Mortgage Broking

Why do people go to a mortgage broker instead of their bank?

Put simply, to save clients time and money.

With an extensive choice of lenders and products, you will help your clients find a loan that really suits their needs. They will also rely on you for your in-depth market knowledge and finance expertise.

What hours do mortgage brokers work?

While you can choose the hours that suit you, we do expect you to be fully committed to your franchise.

Many MoneyQuest franchise owners choose to work flexi hours – allowing them to drop their kids to and from school. They often outsource admin and may choose to see clients after-hours.

Can I work from home?

Many of our brokers have a home office setup. It’s a great way to keep overheads low when starting a new business.

As your business grows, you may consider moving into either a commercial office or retail store.

Do I need experience in the finance sector to become a mortgage broker?

No. Many of our mortgage brokers come from a non-­finance background – and some of them happen to be our most successful ones.

The highest performing mortgage brokers are those with a real drive to build their franchise. They’re go-getters. They love working with people. And they’re always ready to learn.

But don’t forget, with MoneyQuest, you also receive extensive training, mentorship and peer-to-peer support to help you develop the technical and practical skills you need to grow a successful franchise.

Becoming a MoneyQuest Franchise Owner

Why become a MoneyQuest franchise owner?

Our modern franchise system will help you build a successful mortgage broking franchise in today’s digital age. Whether you’re moving from another group, working for yourself or just launching your mortgage broking career, you will benefit from:

  • A stimulating and supportive culture led by an industry-elite management team
  • A consistent flow of leads from several active sources
  • The modern and intuitive MoneyQuest dashboard
  • Innovative marketing programs to attract and convert new clients
  • Ongoing training and development backed by our online training eAcademy
How long will it take to get approved as a MoneyQuest franchise owner?

The franchise owner recruitment process can take anywhere from four weeks to three months.

The time it takes will depend on how ready and motivated you are to make the move. We do whatever we can at our end to make your transition as efficient as possible.

What qualifications and experience do I need?

If you’re new to mortgage broking, you need to complete a Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking (FNS40811 or FNS40810) before you can become a MoneyQuest franchise owner.

Then once you join our team, you’ll undertake the MoneyQuest eAcademy Induction Training under the guidance of an assigned mentor so that you can start building your franchise straight away.

You will also need to complete your Diploma in Finance and Mortgage Broking Management (FNS50504 / FNS50311), which you can do straight after your Certificate IV or within your first 12 months of operation as a mortgage broker.

What training will I receive?

With MoneyQuest, you have access to a range of formal and informal training programs to help you get started and continually succeed. These include:

  • An extensive Induction Program via the MoneyQuest eAcademy online learning system
  • A dedicated mentor for the first two years of operation
  • Access to an active peer-to-peer network for ongoing collaboration and learning
  • Two further online training programs (Intermediate and Advanced) via the MoneyQuest eAcademy to equip you with skills for continued growth and success

Marketing and Business Development

What territories are available?

When you purchase a MoneyQuest franchise, you will ‘own’ one suburb exclusively. This means that no other broker is allowed to explicitly advertise in your suburb – and you receive first right to all inbound enquiries from prospects living in that suburb.

That said, you’re still free to operate and service friends, family, referral partners and other clients outside your allocated suburb.

What marketing support will I receive?

MoneyQuest supports your franchise with a broad suite of marketing initiatives to help you build a successful franchise. These include:

  • Mass media campaigns to drive awareness of the MoneyQuest brand
  • Social media platform set-up and training
  • A dedicated website for your business (managed and updated by us)
  • An onsite film studio at your disposal
  • Local area marketing support and advice
  • Formal marketing training via the MQ eAcademy training program

Why Join MoneyQuest?

  • A stimulating and supportive culture
  • A multisource lead flow
  • Best-of-breed technology platform
  • Marketing support for the digital age
  • Superior training and professional development

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