The importance of Local Area Marketing

By Ellana Christakakis
In Recruitment

Being a part of a franchise allows you the benefits of having a recognisable brand to support you every step on the way of your small business journey.

While the franchisor will no doubt be handling their own brand awareness campaigns and marketing strategies for national purposes, it is essential for franchisees looking for success to take it upon themselves to take their business to the next level. Some of the most successful and best-performing franchises are the ones that constantly drive their business through active Local Area Marketing (LAM).

When implemented correctly, LAM can boost your community presence, drive customer acquisition, and offer a strong return on investment by allowing broad marketing strategies to adapt to local area conditions.

Our current environment is saturated with multi-channel marketing approaches from all types of businesses, and while it’s becoming easier to reach audiences, it’s also getting harder to impress them. Being a part of a franchise gives you both the marketing edge of a larger company, with the small business and community involvement aspect that will ultimately resonate with your target market the most.

By implementing a LAM strategy for your Franchise, whether it be leaflet/flyer distribution, direct email campaigns or through social media, it allows your small business to communicate effectively to your clients and be seen in the area you operate.

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