Why MoneyQuest?

A carefully handpicked team

The mortgage brokers who join our team are the heart of our business ‐ and the key to your satisfaction.

That’s why we invest heavily in selecting the right people to represent the MoneyQuest brand. We only appoint mortgage brokers who are energetic, positive and professional. Every member of our team will treat you with respect and give you the time and attention you deserve.

Local knowledge from your local mortgage broker

With mortgage brokers throughout Australia, we can match you with the local expert in your area. So no matter who you work with, you can be sure he or she has the most relevant knowledge and experience to suit your needs.

Access to more lenders and loans

Not all mortgage brokers have access to the same amount of lenders and loans, MoneyQuest has access to more than most.

We can compare hundreds of products – including all major banks and non‐bank lenders. With more options on our radar, we’ll find you a loan that matches your specific needs.

Expert advice ‐ at no cost to you

We are paid by our lenders. Not by you.

But rest assured that we adhere to a strict code of integrity. Our priority is you, and always you!

We’re by your side. For the long term.

Many mortgage brokers find you a loan and move on as quickly as possible. But at MoneyQuest, we look out for you over the long‐term.

We’ll review your circumstances throughout the term of your loan to ensure it remains the best fit for you, and because we stay on top of all market developments we’ll present you with more favourable options when they arise.

Say ‘yes’ to finding the right mortgage broker today. Call 1300 886 100 to be connected with the MoneyQuest mortgage broker in your local area.

Why choose MoneyQuest?

  • Handpicked team
  • Local knowledge
  • Long‐term approach
  • More loan options
  • Free service
  • Many specialities

We have hundreds of home loans to choose from. Compare with a MoneyQuest mortgage broker today!

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