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With our expertise and extensive knowledge of the mortgage market, we diligently navigate the intricacies to find you the most competitive rates and advantageous loan structures available.

Our commitment is to help you achieve your homeownership dreams by securing the most suitable home loan for your individual needs.

Home Loans

Whether it be for your first home, upgrading to accommodate your growing family, or empty nest syndrome has set in and it’s time to downsize, we will help you compare simply and choose wisely… it’s what we do!

First Home Buyer

Buying your first home is a big step. But with MoneyQuest by your side to help you understand and navigate the home loan process, you’ll feel completely at ease.

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Property Investment

Whether you’re looking at capital growth or rental income, property investment may be a great way to increase your wealth over a long period.

MoneyQuest brokers will understand your goals and demonstrate how you can get the most out of your investment loan.

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Choosing a loan from a financial institution and locking in a repayment term is a very big decision, but it doesn’t have to be a lifetime one!

We understand that your financial circumstances change over time, and what was best for you in the past, may not necessarily be the right decision for you moving forward.

Interest rates, wages, inflation, personal circumstances and household cost of living – it all changes…

That’s why we’re here to help you re-evaluate your current loan to ensure you’re still getting the right deal for your circumstances.

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Self Employed

When it comes to finance approval, there are extra challenges that the self-employed must navigate to obtain adequate finance.

Sometimes it can be difficult to verify your income and it’s important for any lender to fully understand your financial circumstances to approve your application…It can be tricky but don’t stress!

As specialists in the self-employed finance space, we’re here to help…

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Debt Consolidation

There are many benefits to debt consolidation – despite what some may think, they’re not just for people who are struggling financially.

With debt consolidation, you can simplify your debt into one loan and one monthly repayment, while simultaneously saving money on paying interest.

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Credit Impaired

Whether it’s your current circumstance or you’ve been affected in the past, obtaining a loan when you’re credit impaired comes with many challenges – It may be difficult for you to get a regular mortgage approved.

But at MoneyQuest, we’re here to support you through the loan process and source a range options tailored to your unique circumstance.

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