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Your mortgage broker is essentially your very own home loan expert; ensuring you understand the loan features, repayments and fees and charges of your home loan.

MoneyQuest mortgage brokers are fully accredited experts in finance and lending.

Saving you money and time, MoneyQuest brokers will search over 700 home loan products from a panel of 21 banks and over 20 lenders comparing charges, fees, loan features and more to best suit your needs.

Your MoneyQuest mortgage broker can also organise your personal loans, car loans or leasing, commercial loans, income protection, life insurance, trauma and disability insurance and if you have them, business loans.

Mortgage Broker Checklist

  • Does your mortgage broker charge a fee?
  • Has the broker discussed all fees & commissions clearly?
  • Do you know your mortgage brokers accreditation’s?
  • What professional associations does your mortgage broker belong to?
  • How many banks/lenders does your broker have to compare? (20 to 30 lenders is standard)
  • Does your broker understand your unique situation and needs?
  • What software does the mortgage broker have to run through the various home loan options?
  • Is your mortgage broker local & easily accessible?
  • Has your mortgage broker provided customer testimonials?
  • Did your broker respond to your enquiry or contact quickly?
  • Has your broker clearly explained how your loan comparison fits your needs ?

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  • Handpicked team
  • Local knowledge
  • Long‐term approach
  • More loan options
  • Free service
  • Many specialities

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