Home Loan Types

Loan types at a glance

With fixed rate home loans, you can lock in a great interest rate for a set period of time. You’ll feel secure knowing exactly what you’ll pay each month. And you’ll have no need to worry about interest rate rises in the near future.

Almost every lender offers fixed rate mortgages – so you’ll also have a wide pool of lenders, products and features to choose from.

  • Be certain of your loan repayments
  • Save on interest in a low‐rate environment
  • Access a wide range of products and lenders
  • Enjoy more flexibility
  • Access a huge range of features
  • Choose from almost every lender

Variable rate loans are the most popular type of loan on the market. They’re simple to understand – and almost every lender offers them. They also come with a huge range of features such as redraw facilities and flexible repayments.

However, unlike a fixed rate loan, you need to accommodate for interest rate changes making it harder to budget.

  • Break the barriers to owning your own home
  • Secure a great home loan without formal documentation
  • Regain control of your financial future

If you’re a freelancer, contractor or small business owner, it may be difficult to secure a traditional loan ‐ even if you have the ability to repay it.

But with a low doc home loan, you can secure a home loan without having to present payslips, tax returns or other financial documents.

  • Access cash easily (up to your credit limit
  • Improve your property when you need to
  • Match repayments to your income

If your income or credit needs fluctuate, a line of credit loan might be for you.

A line of credit loan gives you easy access to equity in your home ‐ up to an agreed amount. It comes in the form of cash. And you can access it whenever you need it.

  • Break into the property market more easily
  • Access lower rates during the early stages of your home loan
  • Rebuild your financial capacity

You’ve probably already figured out that buying a $400,000 property will cost you more than $400,000. You’re also hit with stamp duty, transfer fees, loan establishment costs, removalists and more.

But with an introductory rate loan, you receive a substantial discount for a set period. This model offers you time to make extra repayments or to build your financial capacity again before the ‘honeymoon’ period ends.

  • Enjoy the rewards of being a low risk buyer
  • Get discounts on your base rate
  • Take advantage of extra services and features

Lenders view professional borrowers as low risk because of their long‐term employment, high average wages and overall stability.

So if you fit this category, you’ll enjoy many benefits of a professional loan ‐ including a discounted base home loan rate, extra products and services, and the potential for bonus interest.