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With a large panel of lenders and products in our portfolio, MoneyQuest can help you find a home loan with an interest rate and features that suit your circumstances.

Here is a simple table that compares interest rates across different home loans we offer.

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LenderTypeInterest RateComparison Rate
Basic Variable3.64% p.a.3.65% p.a.
Standard Variable3.69% p.a.3.69% p.a.
1 Year Fixed3.68% p.a.4.63% p.a.
3 Year Fixed3.84% p.a.4.92% p.a.
5 Year Fixed4.08% p.a.4.47% p.a.

Please remember that loans with the lowest rates aren’t always the best choice. Your MoneyQuest broker will help you understand all the variables at play and select the right loan for you.

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