12 Fun Winter Activities for the Kids in 2022

Winter has arrived which means the kids are at home on the weekends looking for things to do. So, if you’re after a few fun ideas to keep the little ones entertained this winter, check out our list of winter activities below for some inspiration!

Indoor activities

Treasure hunt – Everyone loves a good old fashioned treasure hunt, and if the weather is a little bleak outside, you can always design one for the kids indoors. Creative clues and mini challenges along the way will keep the kids on their toes!

Fort building – Winter weather sometimes calls for indoor play, and building a fort out of cushions, blankets, sheets and the couch is a fail-safe way to keep the kids occupied and their imaginations running wild.

Ten-pin bowling – Another great winter activity is ten-pin bowling. Bowling centres are dry and warm (tick) so why not get a small group together and let the kids enjoy some healthy competition.

The movies – A tried and true school holidays / winter time activity is going to the movies. Be sure to find out if there are any special offers or discounts available before booking your tickets!

The Zoo – A great place to take the kids all year round is the zoo. It is typically a little quieter during the colder and wetter months, so if you’re not a fan of crowds, this is the time to visit! You can catch glimpses of animals playing in the rain and there are bound to be plenty of under-cover exhibits and play spaces too.

Arts and crafts – Why not set up an arts and crafts station somewhere in your home for the day? Affordable supplies are available at stores like Kmart and Officeworks and there are plenty of craft ideas on the internet. However bear in mind that it might be worth restricting the ‘station’ to one room or area to prevent glitter and crepe paper from taking over your home!

Ice-skating – Why not embrace the season of winter and book an indoor ice-skating session! This activity is great for both beginners and experienced skaters, just don’t forget to rug up!


Outdoor activities

Park play – Don’t let the cold weather deter the troops from going outdoors, there is still plenty of fun to be had out in the fresh air during the cooler months. Why not kit the kids out in their raincoats and gumboots and head to the park?

Letter drops – How about an activity that combines writing and walking? Encourage your children to write letters to a few of their friends, and then take them on a walk around the local area to personally post them.

Bike rides – Bike riding has many health, social and environmental benefits, plus it’s a great activity to do as a family. But before going for a spin, be sure to layer up and keep those extremities warm. Helmets are of course a must, and bike lights might also be necessary on dull days.

Mini golf – Put your putting skills to the test with a game of mini golf. This activity is not only fun, but it promotes physical activity and can be educational too!

Take a road trip to a country town – If you have a day or two free to spend with the kids, consider driving them to a country town or part of the state that they haven’t visited before. Check out the local sights, explore the landscape, taste the regional produce and create life-long memories!



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