35 regional property hot spots set to sizzle

By MoneyQuest
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Over the next few years, many of Australia’s best performing areas for capital growth will largely be outside capital cities. We reveal where you can find them.

Hockey great Wayne Gretzky put it best. “A good player plays where the puck is. A great player plays where the puck is going to be.”.

He should have been a property investor. If you’re looking for a property market that is going to show immediate capital growth you have to find where the puck is moving to next. It’s no use looking at markets that have already boomed, you have to find the markets that are on the verge of booming.

For investors that do their homework, it’s a mindset that’s has been increasingly pointing in one direction: the country’s regional areas. These are the markets that have been on the receiving end of some of Australia’s biggest investment projects and they’ve also had the largest population increases. Now it’s up to property investors to discover which of these property markets are going to take off.

If you’re thinking this is easier said than done, think again. Yes, the country is a rather large place to be chasing down high returns and the promise of rapid price increases, but in your hands you’re holding something that is about to make it immensely easier.

Analysing population trends, property cycles, rental growth and the range of new and proposed infrastructure projects, we’ve sourced 13 ‘hotspots’ showing excellent potential for dramatic price increases. These are markets where prices are currently affordable and where rents have been increasing, just as the supply of available properties has tapered off. This means supply and demand forces are working in their favour, which is made all the more critical by recent developments that suggest capital growth is knocking on the door.

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