4 Best Home Organisation Ideas for 2022

There’s never a better time to spruce up your living spaces and discover stylish ways you can organise your home, than entering the warmer months of the year. So, if you’re looking to de-clutter and stage your house before putting it on the market, or simply looking to do that long-awaited spring clean, here are 4 of the best home and living organisation tips for 2022.

Multifunctional furniture

Probably the most stylish way to organise your living room or bedroom – multifunctional furniture. If you’re living in a smaller space such as an apartment for example, some bed frames come with built in storage drawers.

But what about for the living room? Some coffee tables can even be used as storage units for blankets and throws. Or perhaps swap your couch with a bed/storage sofa. Try to think of different ways you can replace your furniture with items that can declutter the house and look stylish at the same time. The options are endless!

Take advantage of vertical space


What’s a great way to utilise the most amount of space in your kitchen shelves? More shelves! No but seriously, these elevated storage racks come in all shapes, sizes and styles perfect for creating more vertical space.

This concept doesn’t have to stop in the kitchen though. It can be used in just about any shelf or cupboard in your home.

Give everything a place with storage containers


Storage containers are all the rage at the moment. Especially because of popular shows like ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’. However, there’s a reason they are so trendy, because they work!

Not only does this make your pantry and kitchen look incredible, but it also ads a level of practicality and organisation to your kitchen unlike anything else.

Get rid of unused items

If you’ve done all the above tips and your home is still looking a little cluttered, why not discard your unused items? One great way to understand what to keep and what to discard is to create 3 boxes – Keep, Donate and Discard. Then, go through every item you think you may no longer need and place them in the appropriate box.

This is not only the best way to de-clutter your home, but it’s also the perfect way to donate your unwanted items to another home.

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