5 ways to help the planet – from the comfort of your home

By Julie Ryburn
In Home Loans

Saving the planet all by yourself can feel like a pretty tall order right now – but it’s good to know that even those little changes can have a big impact. Here’s 5 ways to make a difference without even leaving the house.

1. Think energy efficient

A super easy way to immediately improve your carbon footprint. Long-lasting and easy on the wallet, energy efficient light bulbs use less energy and shine even brighter. The LED variety use the least power, last the longest and even come in a range of colours.

2. Save water

Water is not only our most precious resource – it costs money to provide. Never leave the tap running when you are brushing your teeth and make sure any sneaky leaks and drips are fixed around the house.

3. Love your indoor plants

Indoor plants don’t just brighten up a tired room or add a splash of colour to the benchtop, they can also improve your mood, reduce stress – and clean the air at the same time! The clever peace lily is a regular addition to household bathrooms. Not only does she improve the look, she also removes the ammonia from the air. Clever!

4. Harness the sun

Save on your bills and show the planet some love by making use of the sun’s powerful energy. Enjoy that natural light source rather than flicking a switch, and leave the dryer for rainy days only. Let the sun work her magic on your laundry loads instead.

5. Compost your leftovers

It’s not only what we eat that affects the planet – it’s also about what we don’t. Australian households waste enough food every year to fill up 9,000 Olympic swimming pools! The wasted food ends up in landfill where it releases a nasty gas called methane. Simply by composting our leftovers, the garden gets a nutritious meal – and the planet breathes a sigh of relief.

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