Festive fun the sustainable way

By Julie Ryburn
In Home Loans

Christmas is all about excess – whether that’s travel, parties, inflatable Santas climbing up our houses or a meal served every 10 minutes. But alongside the fun, it’s also a time of kindness, thought, reflection and consideration – and that’s exactly what our planet needs from us this festive season. Here’s how.

The decos

The Christmas tree option is non-negotiable, agreed. But keep it real as all plastic trees will eventually just end up in landfill. Invest in a natural tree that is 100% bio-degradable and make sure you’re using LED fairy lights for decoration. These climate busting beauties not only use less energy, they’re longer lasting, don’t burn out and save you money in the process.

Feast wisely

There’s no reason not to eat to your heart’s content at Christmas time, just keep an eye on where your food is actually coming from and try and avoid food wastage. Shop locally to reduce the food miles and choose products with minimum packaging. Plan your shopping well ahead of time so that you’re not forced into any sudden knee-jerk purchases. The less we buy, the less we discard – and the more turkeys get to live their best life!

Presents for life

It’s lovely to give and receive at Christmas, and we wouldn’t want that to stop. But we could all think harder about being more creative with our gifting. Substituting experiences for material goods (and reducing waste in the process) is a great way to do this. Think concerts, movie tickets and homemade vouchers for starters. Donate unwanted presents and remember that older model phones can be recycled rather than simply discarded.

Wrap it up

It’s always fun to unwrap a gift, and this tradition doesn’t need to stop. Use old newspapers and magazines rather than gift paper as many of the more exciting metallic versions cannot be recycled. Alternatively, use some of the gift itself to wrap the present such as a bright scarf or a fun beach towel.

Say it the e-zy way

Digital greetings have firmly entered the vernacular and Christmas doesn’t have to be any different. Save the trees and embrace the seasonal change.

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