How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s how important it is to feel comfortable and happy in your home. This is your humble abode, the place you come home to after a long, hard day. More than anything else however, your home is a reflection of you- your personality, your lifestyle and what you value. So how can you make a house a home, without breaking the bank? Read on to learn how some savvy decorating can make all the difference – without the nightmarish bill.

    1. Choose a colour scheme
      One of the core tenets of interior design is consistency or “unity”. This extends to materials, furniture and shapes, but primarily should include colour. A subtle consistency in colour can help give your house an identity, and highlight the intention behind your choices. A colour wheel is a great way to choose complementary colours; just choose two colours that are opposite one another on the wheel.
    2. Shop smart
      Look, we get it, it’s so tempting when redecorating to go all out on a Swedish designer coffee table, or an expensive throw rug that you’re convinced will “tie the room together” (from experience, it doesn’t). But if you really want to cut back on cost, places like Facebook Marketplace, op shops and antique stores can be a great way to source the essentials on the cheap, or even for free!Second hand stores can also be a great place to score furniture of varying styles and eras so you don’t have to compromise on your design foundations. Get scrolling and travel to a few preloved stores to find those hidden gems.
    3. The 70:30 rule
      While the 70:30 rule can be useful for budgeting, it’s also a great rule of thumb for interior design.Decorating a room with 70% of a specific style or texture as your “anchor” style, and then accenting it with 30% of another style is a great way to give your home personality without having to splash out on expensive new furniture or decorations. Don’t be afraid to mix and match designs, just keep it intentional. Try a contemporary design with splashes of vintage, ormodernist with some country accents. The trick is to keep the 70:30 ratio in mind.
    4. Reuse what you have
      Before you throw out everything you own and jump headfirst into a bold new style, take a chance to look at what you already have. Chances are you just need to rearrange a couple of things to breathe new life into the space. If a beloved piece of furniture doesn’t match your new colour scheme, maybe consider painting it to fit the space. Many of the things you’ve purchased or inherited over the years, you’ve no doubt held onto because they reflect your personality. So, check whether you can repurpose or reposition your current decor before discarding it. Get creative! This approach may help you save money and will allow you to hold on to a piece you love!
    5. Source affordable Art
      Art is an excellent way to tie a room together. But you don’t need to break the bank purchasing limited prints and original pieces to give your space personality. Hit up antique stores or affordable art stores. If you have an artsy friend, maybe ask them to produce a commissioned piece to give your space a unique, personal touch.Also, if you’re getting a couple of pieces, think about how placement might elevate the artwork. Positioning a few different, yet stylistically linked designs close to each other can make a stronger statement than having them spaced out.
    6. De-clutter and organise
      In the late 2010’s it felt like everywhere you went you were hearing Marie Kondo’s catchphrase regarding keeping your home clean; “If it doesn’t spark joy show it the door.”This may be a touch simplistic (my washing machine does not spark joy) but it does highlight how a minimalist mindset can help keep your space organised and devoid of clutter.Walk through your home and remove anything that isn’t essential and/or feels like it’s throwing off the new style of the room. Design is often more about keeping things simple as opposed to filling space, so make sure everything has a place

So now that you have the know-how, what are you waiting for? Go out there, source some hidden gems, get creative with colour and style, find some eye-popping prints, and unleash your inner interior designer



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