Stuck for storage? 5 ways to find the space you never knew you had

Good quality and well-designed storage is not only a useful accessory, it actually sells houses. In today’s world where consumer goods are ever more cheaply available, finding room for all our belongings is an ongoing challenge. Here’s how to find that extra space.

1. Clear the area!

Do you simply have too much stuff? The best way to find extra room is to have a thorough sort out. Declutter every room by category and ruthlessly discard anything you haven’t recently used. Recycle and donate where possible, and then stand back and admire all your empty cupboards just waiting to be organised.

2. Discover the stairs

The stairway is a hidden treasure just waiting to be recognised. Try using your under-stair storage as a shoe cupboard, a wine rack or even bookshelves. Use wicker storage baskets on the initial few steps for bags and scarves – or anything that is regularly run up and down. Take this up another notch with some more permanent MDF-style stepped storage to house bigger or out-sized items.

3. Set the walls to work

Open-plan living is immensely popular – but it also means we have fewer walls to work with for our storage solutions. Empty walls really are space worth using. Blend traditional and modern with floor to ceiling shelving using multiple replica storage containers. Intersperse it with books and accessories for a homely feel.

4. Optimise your prime areas

The most useful storage places are within arm’s reach of that area between your knees and shoulders. Scout around your property and see where this is under-utilised. Over-door hanging is a great place for shoes, jewellery, make-up and accessories. The out of range areas are best for seasonal goods and equipment, such as skiwear and winter doonas.

5. Fill the gap

Does your nightstand have a little extra shelf underneath that could double up as a bookshelf? Is the space under your bed crying out for some linen drawers? Could those extra water glasses live on top of the kitchen cupboards? Get creative with wasted space, and leave no area unused.



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