The tell-tale signs your house needs some TLC

By Julie Ryburn
In Home Loans

When you’ve lived somewhere for a while it’s easy not to notice peeling paint or a sagging couch. But your home will probably be your single ever biggest investment, and just like all of us it needs some regular TLC to stay ship shape. Here’s what responsible homeowners need to know.

Protect the roof

Roofs get worn out over time – and even if they look fine from down below, you never really know what’s going on without a professional eye on hand. Dark spots inside can often be a sign of water leakage, and any kind of sagging is a red-flag area. Worn out materials such as cracked tiling or corrosion can indicate the roof is need of restoring. A roof inspection is generally recommended at least once a year, especially after any extreme weather. If you have any signs of possible roof damage, always contact the professionals immediately to avoid interior problems.

Repair the flooring

Flooring is an area that needs to handle a lot of stress particularly in the kitchen and bathroom areas. Cracks and stains can easily appear – and be ignored. If you have any future plans to sell your property or invest in it for the long-term, these are the issues that need resolving straight away. Kitchens and bathrooms are key selling points and replacing flooring not only shows investment in the property, it gives you the chance to revamp the interior design. Consider the usage of the room when you choose materials.

Easy fixes

Sometimes the only TLC required is cosmetic attention. A fresh coat of paint inside or out is the perfect way to protect walls from external factors such as weather, dirt and chemicals. Upgrading furniture makes an immediate impact and simply modernising the lighting can affect the look and feel with minimal expenditure required.

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