1. Sam’s Finance Solutions Pty Ltd trading as MoneyQuest North Ryde is a Credit Representative (number 527639) of Money Quest Australia Pty Ltd ACN 121 542 765 Australian Credit Licence 487823.

2. This promotion commences on 01 April 2022 and will remain current until terminated at the discretion of MoneyQuest North Ryde.

3. The settlement of a residential owner-occupied home loan or investment loan, where the application for the loan was lodged to a lender on behalf of the borrower/s by MoneyQuest North Ryde, will result in the payment of a donation to the Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Foundation (the Foundation) by MoneyQuest North Ryde.

4. The amount of the donation made by MoneyQuest North Ryde will be calculated on the basis of 0.1% of the relevant settled loan amount, up to a maximum amount of $500 (Australian dollars). For example, a settled loan amount of $400,000 will generate a donation of $400; a settled loan amount of $600,000 will generate a donation of $500.

5. In order for the donation to be paid by MoneyQuest North Ryde, the applicant for the relevant loan, or one applicant if the application is lodged in joint names, must specifically request to MoneyQuest North Ryde that the donation is made by MoneyQuest North Ryde. Such request can be in writing or verbal and must be made prior to the date of settlement of the relevant loan.

6. Eligible donations under this promotion will be processed by MoneyQuest North Ryde within seven days of MoneyQuest North Ryde receiving notification of settlement of the relevant loan from the lender providing the finance.

7. Any party to a loan, settlement of which prompted the payment of a donation by MoneyQuest North Ryde under this promotion, may request from MoneyQuest North Ryde evidence of the donation payment. Such request may be lodged at any time and MoneyQuest North Ryde will provide a response within seven days.