About Amanda

Amanda is a highly skilled and hardworking professional who loves nothing more than pleasing her clients and helping them to achieve their property dreams.

With a diverse career spanning property development, event production and a junior role in investment banking, Amanda has the finance acumen, property industry knowledge, attention to detail and communication skills to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

After starting out as a junior assistant in the research department of two investment banks 35 years ago, Amanda then went on to build a long and successful career in property development. She has also worked as an event producer and this role led to her owning a successful event production company.

Amanda’s father’s commercial building firm sparked her passion for all things property, and she has long been interested in building design, interior design and landscaping. These interests have driven her to complete four successful build/renovations, with a fifth on the horizon!

In addition to renovating, Amanda also enjoys gardening, entertaining and exercising in her local area.

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