About Jimmy

Motivated and customer-oriented, Jimmy uses a mature and direct approach with his clients at all times.

After always wanting to help people with their finances, Jimmy has happily settled into a mortgage broking career after working in a major bank for over 10 years.

The smile on his client’s faces when they move into their first property or purchase an investment property is the thing Jimmy loves the most about being a MoneyQuest franchise owner. Joining the brand for the unique people and voice, Jimmy has used his experience with MoneyQuest to learn the importance of being involved within his local communities and giving back.

He finds the great team and backing of head office staff the most enjoyable part of MoneyQuest, and the tightknit community of brokers that assist each other with achieving their goals. Jimmy makes finance simple for his clients by offering over 30 different options and tailoring recommendations to each of their individual needs.

Outside of his career, Jimmy is a family man, who credits his early Sunday morning wake ups to his daughter. Spending all his loose change on his kids’ moneyboxes, his ultimate weekend would be a quiet one inside watching movies (or at the beach in the water during summer).

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