About Kasun

With over 12 years of accounting and finance experience, Kasun is well equipped to assist both his residential and commercial clients with achieving their finance goals.

He is an exceptional communicator who works efficiently, ensuring that his clients not only receive seamless service, but also understand the various aspects of the lending process. Kasun enjoys the flexibility mortgage broking affords him, and the professional satisfaction he experiences as a result of helping others to achieve their finance dreams.

Outside of work, Kasun is very family-oriented. He communicates with his parents in Sri Lanka on a regular basis and enjoys spending time with family. He also loves reading, listening to music, watching sport, travelling, and supporting his local community. Kasun lives by the motto “have courage and be kind” and strives to embody this philosophy in all of his client interactions.

So, if you are in need of a friendly, professional and hardworking mortgage broker, give Kasun a call today!

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