About Michelle

Hello and welcome!  Please let me introduce myself, Michelle Harvey – Principal of MoneyQuest Ringwood. I have been part of the Ringwood community for 14 years, and am excited to establish my finance business here, which fulfils one of my dreams.

Owning your own home is a lifelong dream for many (yes, me too), and it’s a dream that I can help become a reality! It’s not about having a mortgage, or a home loan, it’s about the satisfaction of coming home each day to a house you can call your home… it’s about having a safe and happy environment for you and your family… it’s about peace of mind.

I know that buying a home is a big commitment in anyone’s life, but before you say, “I can never afford it” or, “It’s too hard,” pick up the phone up and call me.  You might be very pleasantly surprised!

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