About Rebecca

Rebecca is passionate about providing her clients with professional advice to help them achieve their financial goals.

Before joining the mortgage broking industry, Rebecca worked in Radio Advertising Sales for many years. During that time, she learnt the skill of being able to speak to people from all walks of life, which she feels has proved to be a huge advantage in her business today.

Looking to become a business owner, Rebecca decided to join the MoneyQuest family. What she loves most about being a part of MoneyQuest is the people she has met along the way, “MQ people are special people!”.

After a long day of work, Rebecca is excited to go home to play with her kids and cook up a feast for dinner – cooking is one of her hobbies! Her ideal weekend consists of family, food, wine and an open fire.

Her favourite motto is “There is always a rabbit in the hat, sometimes you just need to dig a little deeper”.

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