About Sarah

With over ten years experience in the finance industry, I bring a wealth of knowledge in both residential and commercial lending. I provide an empathetic and customer driven service which reduces the time, effort and stress that it takes to find the most suitable loan for my clients.

I also makes a concerted effort to regularly communicate with my customers so that they are never left wondering where they are in the loan process. My approach is to present my customers with a solution to any problems they may encounter during the loan process, to ensure that their experience is as seamless and worry-free as possible.

Being a mortgage broker is to always remember that there is a person on the end of the loan application process, who is hoping to buy their first house, an investment property or simply renovate their existing home. I always try to put myself in my clients place. How nervous would I feel during the application process? What would I expect if I had never bought a house before? What do I want and need from my mortgage broker? How regularly to I want to hear from my mortgage broker? In this way I hope to always be accountable for the experience my clients have when dealing with my business.

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