About Sean

Sean Kehoe is both energetic and passionate and believes that while brokers need to be knowledgeable, they can still be fun. Sean has always had the dream to help people, wanting to work in the Police Force or Fire Brigade from a young age, although his dreams are now focused on helping people with achieving their dreams of home ownership.

Joining MoneyQuest for the culture and the people, Sean uses the support system associated with the brand to find solutions for all his client’s needs and believes in treating everyone with the utmost respect in every situation. Since working at MoneyQuest, Sean has learned that there is no ceiling in life and that anything is achievable, which is evident in the way Sean operates and handles his workload and his clients. Nothing is ever too hard for Sean, and he makes finance simple by always taking the time to explain appropriate solutions for his clients in a way they will always understand.

Despite the energy he pours into work, Sean maintains a wide range of interests. On weekends he spends time with his family which he shares with wife Sandra and their brood of five beautiful children, enjoys the occasional round of golf, and he’s an avid Richmond supporter. In both his work life and his personal life, he follows the mantra to just start somewhere, and never be afraid of failing.

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