About Tony

After working in Real Estate for nearly 20 years, Tony decided to make the move to MoneyQuest. A friend of his had spoken highly of his experience with MoneyQuest, so Tony couldn’t wait to be a part of the family and is now thrilled to have made the move! He loves constant support and being a part of a large franchise network.

Tony is very service oriented and has a strong focus on fulfilling his client’s needs. The Real Estate industry has given him a very unique understanding of how the property market works as a whole. This has allowed him to not only provide his clients with great service and advice, but also the confidence to know that they are going to be in safe hands from start to finish.

Tony’s life isn’t only about property and finance. After work he loves coming home, relaxing on the couch with his wife, and a glass of his favourite wine. On the weekends Tony enjoys going to wineries and lunches with family and friends, and playing golf.

The motto he lives by is “just do it”, which is made obvious by how determined he is to help his clients reach their financial goals and dreams.

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