3 Reasons Why Autumn Is A Prime Time To Sell Your House

Autumn has arrived and with it comes cooler weather, golden leaves and a slightly slower pace. So is it a good time of year to sell property? If you’ve been thinking – should I sell my house in autumn? – read on to find out why this crisp yet cosy season might be the perfect time to put your house on the market.

1. The chaos of Christmas is over

‘Is autumn a good time to sell my property?’ – did we hear you ask? Well, the arrival of autumn signals that the silly season has finally come to an end. Most people have returned from holidays, kids have gone back to school and everyone is resuming their everyday lives. This return to routine can sometimes inspire a shift in focus towards big life decisions, such as buying a home. Some prospective buyers also use their time off over summer to do market research and organise their finances, so that come autumn they are in a position to start putting in offers.

2. Cooler temperatures and colourful gardens

With the hottest weather of the year behind us, the milder months of March, April and May can make the idea of buying a home more appealing. Viewing properties or attending auctions in the stifling heat or the bitter cold is nobody’s idea of fun. However autumn is, for the most part, not too hot and not too cold, making the home viewing and (hopefully) purchasing experience more comfortable. It’s also a great time of year to show off your garden and lure in those that appreciate a beautiful backyard. Whilst spring is synonymous with flowers blooming and new life, autumn is a time of year when your garden is rich with gold, orange and red colour, as well as beautiful scents that may just get buyers over the line.

3. More eyes on the prize

Another reason to consider selling in autumn is the competition factor. There is likely to be fewer houses up for sale in autumn than say, in spring. Less houses on the market means that there will be more eyes on your prize, thus increasing your chances of landing a sale and securing a competitive price.

Final note

Whilst there are some very strong reasons for selling your home in autumn, your decision to sell shouldn’t be based purely on the time of year, or the weather. Other factors to consider include the type of residence you are listing, the climate you live in, where your house is located and who is likely to be interested in your home.

For instance, if you are thinking about selling a coastal property, your prime selling time might be late spring or early summer, when the weather is warming up and potential buyers are able to picture themselves spending time at the nearby beach.

However, if autumn seems like the right time of year for you and your home, it might be worth considering listing your property early on in the season, before the AFL season starts and the Easter holidays commence! And as always, if you are in need of some finance assistance, whether it be to fund a project to boost the value of your home, or to buy your next property, your local MoneyQuest mortgage broker is only a phone call away.



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