Top 6 Tips to boost your home’s value

Have you found yourself wondering – what increases home value the most? Are you thinking about putting your house on the market, but feeling a little nervous about what it might sell for? There are many factors that can impact the selling price of a home. The property’s size and location can play a big part, as can market conditions, the level of buyer interest and things like school zones and the property’s proximity to public transport. But aside from these factors that are mostly out of your control, there are simple, cost-effective ways to boost your property’s sale price. Here are our top 6 suggestions to help answer the age-old question – what increases home value the most?

Home upgrades to help sell your house:

1. Give your place a fresh lick of paint

There’s nothing like fresh paint to breathe new life into a home. Consider introducing neutral and timeless paint colours that can boost your home’s value, such as white, grey, beige and blue. Covering up cracks and sprucing up your skirting boards can also work wonders.

2. Update daggy décor

Update the look of your home with some affordable and stylish décor. Items like throw rugs, cushions, lamp shades, and indoor plants can instantly lift a room and help buyers to picture themselves living in your home. These items are easy to buy and they require little to no installation! But be mindful not to add clutter. The aim is to add stylish items and remove any outdated furnishings. If your budget allows, you may also like to consider hiring an interior designer or property stylist to freshen up the look of your home.

3. Bring your backyard to life! What home projects add the most value?

Improving the look and functionality of your backyard can make a significant difference come auction day. Your first priority should be tidying up the space – mow the lawn, pull out any weeds, and remove old garden ornaments. Next, you might like to consider planting some fresh flowers,

updating your pots, adding a small water feature, or giving your outdoor furniture an upgrade. Laying artificial lawn is also an option- it looks tidy, and some buyers might be keen on a low maintenance outdoor space. If you have a bit of wriggle room in your budget, renovating your outdoor dining area can also be a game changer. Having the option of alfresco dining is a big drawcard for many, so if your house doesn’t offer this, it might be something worth thinking about.

4. First impressions count – how to increase curb appeal

Increasing curb appeal is important. Ensure that the front fence, front garden, driveway, and the entrance to your house are all looking spick and span, as these are the first things that buyers will see. Paint your fence, repair any cracks in your driveway and even consider changing up the colour of your front door. The entryway to your home also needs to shine. You might like to hang a piece of artwork on the wall or introduce an upcycled hallway stand to the space. And don’t forget to ensure that your home smells beautiful. Diffuse essential oils or use an eco-friendly candle to make the entire property smell magical.

5. Affordable aesthetic changes – what renovations increase home value the most?

The kitchen and the bathroom are generally key selling points, so it’s important to ensure that these spaces are looking schmick. You don’t have to do a full reno though! Making minor changes like updating the handles on cupboards and drawers in the kitchen or replacing the benchtop with a new surface, can markedly improve the space’s overall look. Buying new appliances – think toaster, kettle, microwave, wine fridge – can also help to achieve a more modern aesthetic, and the bonus of doing this is, you can take your shiny new appliances with you when you move! Updating the tapware and showerhead in your bathroom can also make a difference, and if your budget allows, installing a new shower screen, sink and/or toilet are sure-fire ways to lure those buyers in. If you currently have one bathroom and you’re in a position to take a larger leap, consider adding a half bathroom to your property for guest use.

6. Utilities – does solar power increase property value?

Another home upgrade idea to consider is installing solar power. Some buyers may find this addition to your property appealing, as it can help to reduce electricity costs. According to Momentum Energy, research indicates that the more solar panels there are on a roof, the higher the value of the property, with an approximate increase of almost $6000 per kilowatt of solar energy. *

Your budget will ultimately determine the types of changes you can make to your property prior to putting your house on the market. Be sure to consider things like the time frame you have to work with, and the anticipated return on investment, before making any decisions.




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