8 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day 2022

With September 4th edging ever closer, it’s time to start thinking about what you’d like to give your dad this Father’s Day. Or perhaps it’s your grandad, husband, uncle or a father-like figure that you celebrate at this time of year. Whoever it is, preparation is key to making the day one to remember, so we’ve put together a list of our top gift and activity ideas to help you get ‘Father’s Day ready’.

The fashionista

If your dad or father figure takes pride in what he wears, then perhaps a fashion piece is the way to go this Father’s Day. A belt, cuff links, a tie or shoes are usually fail-safe options, or if you’re not feeling confident, why not take him shopping so that he can choose a look himself?

The sports fanatic

Depending on your budget, a piece of sports memorabilia might be a good option for a man that loves his sport, or if golf is his game then it’s hard to go wrong with new golf balls (you could get them personalised!) or a golf umbrella. If merchandise is his thing, why not pick out something plastered with his team’s logo or colours, or if all else fails, one can never have too many sports socks.

The health nut

Whether it’s good nutrition, exercise, skin health or mental wellbeing that your dad is passionate about, there are plenty of gifts on the market for health-conscious dads. Some ideas include workout gear, a gym bag or towel, punching gloves, a water bottle, mindfulness cards, a yoga mat, a skincare kit, a self-care journal or a hamper full of healthy food! Or, if doing an activity is more his style, perhaps consider organising a hike or bike ride with your dad, or sign yourselves up to a meditation class.

The DIY dude

If your dad is a bit of a handyman, there are plenty of gift ideas for those that love doing some DIY around the home. Construction tools, garden gadgets or even a voucher to the local hardware store is bound to please.

The foodie

There are a few different ways you can celebrate a dad that loves his food. If he’s a BBQ man, maybe some new cooking utensils for the Weber might be in order, or if he loves to eat more than he loves to cook, you could book a special dining experience or even hire a private chef! But if low-key is more his vibe, there’s always the cookbook option, or you could give him the night off and whip up his favourite meal yourself.

The gadget guru

There are countless contraptions to choose from for the gadget-loving dads out there. Robot vacuums are all the rage at the moment, and noise-cancelling headphones are perfect for work, the commute or whenever he wants some down time. You could also look into a sound machine for the dad who struggles to sleep, or a wireless phone charger or speaker. The options are endless!

The art aficionado

A painting or pottery class might be a fun way to spend the day with your arty dad, or even a visit to a gallery or two! Or, if you really want to impress, find out who some of his favourite artists are and see if you can source a piece of their art to hang in his home.

The muso

If your dad loves his music then he might enjoy going to a live performance with you! Research upcoming gigs in your area and surprise him with tickets to a show. Or, if your budget doesn’t quite stretch that far, and you happen to be musically inclined yourself, have a go at writing a song or rehearsing a performance, and play/sing/perform it to him on the big day.


Regardless of what your dad or father figure is into, he is bound to love whatever gift or activity you have planned for Father’s Day, because it has been arranged by someone special to him… you!



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