Gift (and non-gift) ideas for Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, the pressure of trying to find your mum an amazing gift that can show how much you appreciate her is a sometimes stressful and often expensive experience. For those that aren’t skilled at picking out perfect presents for their loved ones (who are the people that are and what are their secrets?), finding that gift for mum that doesn’t scream ‘I found this at the last possible second’ gets harder each year.

Lucky for you we’ve taken the time to compile a list of perfect gifts for mum that won’t break the bank and will make you the hands down favourite of mother dearest among your siblings.


Sometimes a box of your favourite goodies is all you need in the world. Hampers are becoming more diverse and can be given to pretty much any type of mum. Have a look at our favourites at Bindle (Melbourne only) and Gourmet Basket.


There’s a reason this is the biggest Mother’s Day present. Sometimes you don’t need to mess with the classics, flowers are beautiful and depending on the type can fit within pretty much anyone’s budget. If you don’t know where to find a florist, there’s plenty of online delivery services now for flowers, check out Daily Blooms, Lvly, or if you want to support local florists find them through Direct2Florist.


If your mum isn’t a fan of flowers you don’t have to give up on the bouquet idea. Doughnut bouquets (doughquet’s) are an up and coming present idea that will surely put a smile on mum’s face, and she might even share it with you! Check out Dessert Boxes, Mop, and Edible Blooms.

An experience

You don’t have to give your mum a gift that’s wrapped to show your appreciation for her. Taking her out to a nice lunch, or even for a picnic in the park is enough to make a memorable day. If you still want something to hand her, Red Balloon has lists of ideas for you.

Homemade food

Any time your mum doesn’t have to feed people is a good time for her. Take the job off her hands for the day (or even just one meal) by turning the tables and making her food for once. You can do a meal, bring some beautiful snacks or take it upon yourself to feed her for the whole day. Here’s the perfect dinner idea, Almond and Haloumi Crumbed Schnitzels (she’ll think she’s at a fancy restaurant), or if sweets are more your thing, try this Banana Cake (this has been tried and tested at MoneyQuest… it’s incredible).

Mother’s Day is meant to be a celebration of mothers everywhere. Sometimes clearing the day to spend with the family is a bigger gesture than any material good can be, so give her a hug and spend some time with her!



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