Three ways to build your business through marketing

As a business owner, it can become overwhelming when trying to grow your customer base and increase sales and revenue. After all, the ability to acquire new customers can either make or break a business… particularly in the early stages.

Most business owners are skilled in the business area they choose, whether it’s product or service-based. The majority, however, are not skilled in marketing, and certainly not skilled in the methods marketers use to build clientele. This can easily cause a business to try a variety of different methods at the same time, spend a bunch of money, and find their efforts are failing miserably.

Before you begin, our biggest recommendation for all businesses is to understand your audience. By identifying your target market, and being specific with this target, is the ultimate key to more customers. By understanding your audience completely, you can deliver a better customer experience in a way that resonates with them and meets their individual needs.

As the online space is becoming more saturated, the cost of acquiring new business through traditional online marketing methods has risen. With so many options and with the added pressure business owners feel to be on every platform, it can be easy to get caught up trying them all just to see which one sticks.

However, we find the best practice (particularly with small businesses) is to choose one or two strategies to focus on initially and execute those strategies perfectly. There is always the option to try more platforms at a later stage if you feel like you’re missing out.

Which strategies do you choose? Here are a few of our favourites:

Content marketing

One of the most tried and tested strategies for brand awareness is content marketing. Creating custom content will ultimately pull more people towards your site, particularly if your content is highly searched for.

You may not be a skilled writer, but having a content strategy in mind when you think of your target market will increase your chances of sticking in their minds. Think of what your ideal client might want to know about your business or industry, and create useful content around this.

Supplying potential customers with the information they require before they make a purchase can help improve your brand reputation and build trust in your customer network. You can also focus on creating shareable content that can increase your brand awareness and can implement strategies to keep them on the website or in the network by asking them to purchase or sign up to newsletters.

As an affordable option, it is also an effective one for lead generation and search engine optimisation. Additionally, curated content can be shared across a variety of different platforms, increasing your reach without needing to increase money spent or effort expended.

Email marketing

There are so many ways that email marketing can assist with driving revenue and growing a customer base. It’s effective, used around the globe, generally has a high return on investment (ROI), and has a low cost.

Email marketing should be a considered option when implementing a customer acquisition strategy. Mainly due to its effectiveness in driving conversions and in building brand loyalty among audiences.

Some of the ways email marketing can assist a brand are by turning site visitors into customers, allowing businesses to own their tone of voice and stay connected to their target market.

By planning a strategy and implementing tactics like personalisation, businesses can increase their chances to stand out from the crowd in the inbox – as it is one of the most popular marketing tactics today.

Quality Video Content

Using videos as a marketing tool isn’t a new tactic. However, the increase in the importance of video on every channel and social platform has changed as of late. Particularly in social strategy, using quality video content to reach more of your target market is becoming more essential.

Video content is being consumed more than it ever has before. YouTube has become the second biggest search engine globally, and both large enterprises and small businesses are jumping on the video making bandwagon to keep up.

Why is it so popular? Because videos make it easier to tell stories, which resonates with people when they’re looking to purchase goods or services from brands. By focusing on informing your target audience instead of selling, you can increase the likelihood of a consumer trusting you as a brand.


In our current digital age, saturation of the market means that potential customers are being marketed to by brands constantly. This leads to an average decrease in attention span for certain marketing materials in their online feeds. With only seconds to grab attention, you need to make sure the touchpoint you choose is eyecatching for your customers.



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