Why MoneyQuest Footscray?

Once a beloved working-class neighbourhood for Australians in the mid-twentieth century, Footscray has since evolved into the vibrant multicultural heart of Melbourne’s Inner West. Over the last half-century, it has transformed into a thriving cultural and social hub, welcoming people from diverse backgrounds.

Home to the iconic Whitten Oval, this haven for young families offers a range of affordable, post-industrial modern homes and units, with Footscray Station just a 15-minute train ride away from the CBD. Be sure to explore the welcoming cafes like Dumbo and Migrant, trendy bars including Mr. West and Back Alley Sally’s, the renowned Hop Nation brewery, and fantastic restaurants such as Sapa Hills Vietnamese.

Footscray is also home to an exceptional finance business, MoneyQuest Footscray! At MoneyQuest Footscray, we are dedicated to helping young people looking to make their mark on the property market.

We assist our clients with navigating the lending landscape, servicing first-time homebuyers, investors, or anyone looking to secure the right loan for their needs. We look after customers in Footscray as well as Maidstone, Yarraville, and throughout the Inner West.

Our team brings a youthful, energetic, and informed approach to mortgage broking, assisting individuals of all ages to realise their dreams of homeownership.

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Meet the broker

A “Zillenial” mortgage broker (Gen Z and Millenial), Ashlee chose to enter the finance industry to empower young adults looking to purchase homes and investment properties.

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